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Mizati Wheels are Discontinued Rims. Only the Center Caps Are Available Here For Sale.

Illuminati 18-20"

Grand 24-26"

Stix 20-22"

I-Candy 18-20"


Klick 18-20"

Fusion 22"

Amore 22-24-26"

Toro 20-22"


Klick 18-20"

Fusion  22"

Face Off 20-22"

Grande 22-24-26


Apollo 20-22-24"

Rush 18-19"

X Tac 20-22"

Double D 18-20"


MZ3 20"

MZ1 18"




Escalade Accessories Chrysler 300 Iced Emblems

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License Frames Diamond Letters Chrome Lettering Fender Side Vents


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